Insurance replacement appraisals

are accurate, unbiased, and timely. Each valuation report addresses the specific information about the quality and condition of an item.

When you refer your client for a professional insurance appraisal, they receive a document with a quality analysis of each component of a piece and an independent opinion of value for the items in their collection.

Damage Claim Appraisal

is an independent opinion of value expressed in an appraisal report for the settlement of a claim for damage on personal property.

If loss in value pertains, this concept is integrated in the appraisal report in addition to the cost to repair a damaged item.

Consultative Litigation Support

is an independent opinion of the issues and markets for similar personal property and possibly a ranking of the quality as it relates to the matter.

Value opinions rely on an appraisal process including a ranking of quality and the analysis of market sales for similar items. These facts support a value conclusion found in an appraisal report for testimony at a deposition, arbitration, or for a trial.

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