The cost of appraisals is based on an hourly fee. Being prepared helps keep your costs down.

The following checklist can aid in preparing for the appraisal process:

Preliminary Appraisal Preparation

  1. Talk with your insurance company representative about the limits of your policy to learn what items to include in your appraisal.
  2. Schedule an appointment for a future date while you complete the following tasks.
  3. Search your files to gather information you received when you purchased each piece and related documents accumulated during ownership.
  4. Copy for the appraiser’s files the receipts, decorator invoices, former appraisals, insurance schedules that list the items, and documents stating the history of ownership. This information supports essential claims in the report; therefore, it influences value.
  5. Attend to repairs of damaged items, all before the inspection. Damage and/or condition issues appear in the report.
  6. Make a list that reports the number of like items in a set of silver or ceramics.
  7. List pattern names for silver and ceramics or find patterns by contacting manufacturers or searching websites such as and

Preparation for the day of inspection for items included in the appraisal

  1. Remove wall hangings and pictures from the wall
  2. Remove stored items by placing them on a spacious table under a good light for inspection.
  3. Remove objects and displays placed on furniture you expect the appraiser to inspect
  4. Tag items with notes to indicate what you know about a piece (origin, maker’s name or pattern, for example) or provide a list with this information.

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