Insurance Replacement

Documents the quality and states a value opinion to obtain insurance coverage on new or existing personal property.

The appraisal report informs insurance companies of the quality of an item and its current replacement value.

Estate Tax

If you are a personal representative for an estate matter that may require a filing for estate tax on IRS Form 706, an appraisal communicates the fair market value of the property.

Damage Reports

These reports address the degree of damage to an object as a result of an incident.

Additionally, the reports address the diminution in value of an object following a repair.

Gem Identification Reports

Gemological identification and evaluation of the quality of a particular diamond or colored stone verifies the stone is what you believe it to be.

Donation Appraisal Reports

Appraisal reports written for non-cash charitable donations includes the completion of  Form 8283 to accompany the tax filing.

A donation above $5,000 requires an appraisal. The appraisal attaches to the filing when the value is above $500,000. IRS Publication 561 and 526 address the determination of value of donated property.

Customs Report

This appraisal report documents ownership of a particular property before one travels outside of the USA.  This report protects one from the levy of potential import duties.

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