Litigation Appraisal

is the expression of a quality analysis and value opinion for the jewelry, gemstones, watches and residential contents.


by an expert witness follows an appraisal. This testimony is offered at deposition, arbitration, or trial for matters of quality and value.

Litigation Support

An independent opinion in contested matters assists in the resolution of differences.

Value opinions rely on the analysis of sales in a specific marketplace. These market facts support a value conclusion for use in a deposition, arbitration, or trial.

Appraisal Report

An appraisal report documents a value opinion for estate settlement, estate planning, charitable contribution, divorce settlement, bankruptcy filing, liquidation of assets, or loss and damage.

Appraisal Consultation

Answers specific questions about the personal property, its quality, and provides methods to convert, manage or distribute it.

Appraisal Review

An independent appraisal valuation used to resolve disagreements about value.

Divorce Appraisal

Documents the personal property and expresses a value opinion for settlement, arbitration or trial.

Loss Appraisal

Appraisal reports address the value of lost personal property even under the condition that the property no longer exists.

Previous appraisals, client statements, and/or invoices or bills of sale are the basis of these appraisal reports. If paper documentation is lost, an in-depth conversation with the owner, supported by photographs becomes the basis of the valuation.

Damage Appraisal

A value opinion tells the current value of damaged personal property including the loss in value or diminution following repair.

Liquidation Appraisal

Documents and expresses the current value of personal property for bankruptcy or liquidation of business assets.


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